Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long Overdue Update!!!

Well everyone, this is Reagan's sister Casey. I'm so sorry that I have been so terrible at updating this blog! Reagan has now been out for almost 9 months and in Korea for almost 6 months. He is loving every minute of it! He is now in his 2nd area, Seoul, South Korea. His first area was a place called Gimpo, which was about 20 miles south of the North Korean border/DMZ, with his first 2 companions. Both of which were both from Korea, so he got a great start into the language as soon as he got there.

He is now in Seoul and has a companion from Arizona. They are having some great success and even have a baptism this week and many more prospects. According to his last email, "the work is EXPLODING, in a good way!". I am going to be better at updating this, I promise!! But for now, here are some pictures that Reagan has sent us in the last little while for you all to enjoy!