Saturday, February 28, 2009

And He's Off!

Well, he's gone! Reagan entered the MTC on Wednesday. I know that this post is a few days later, but things have been kind of crazy. He was so ready to go! Cortney, Donovan and Elinor weren't able to come with us, but the rest of the family was there. It was organized chaos when we got there(probably exactly what ever Wednesday at the MTC is like). We got his luggage checked and headed to get him all checked in.

That's our missionary!We had a few minutes until the meeting started so we joined the crowds of people and took some final family pictures. Reagan is laughing in this one cause Lucy was dancing like a crazy woman.

We all thought this was pretty funny. Even going into the MTC, the separation begins! The sign says "New Missionaries Here" and there was another sign for "Family and Friends".

There he is with his badge and "Dork-Dot" as John calls it. It was so cool. His badge was in Korean. We all thought it was pretty nifty. After this point, we weren't allowed to take pictures so I'll just have to tell you what happened. We got to the chapel and waited for all of the new missionaries and families so the meeting could start. The MTC President, his wife, and a member of the Seventy that was there to drop off his daughter all spoke. After they spoke, a short movie on missionary work and the MTC was played and that was it. Everyone kind of looked around when the lights came on like "What do we do now?" Next thing I knew, Elder Wing was standing there waiting to gives hugs and be on his way. He was so ready to go! He quickly, and when I say quickly, I mean QUICKLY, gave out hugs and the he said "Well, see ya!" and was off. I think he was the first missionary out the door. He warned us that he was going to make it quick, but I didn't think that quick. Classic Reagan.

So all is well as far as we know! We haven't gotten any calls yet, so we figure he's ok. We look forward to his first letter or email next week and I'll be sure to post it!

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  1. It's cool to here how it was for you because my first MTC send-off comes in June with Kyle! Thanks :D